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Create and Track Your Exams with Ease!

OnlineExamSim is a free online exam simulator (Exam player) provides a new amazing experience that connects exams owner with their readers.

– It is an Exam player (users can create/play/pause/resume/retake/review exams)

– Connect exam creators with exam takers.

– It is online that can be accessed by any trusted browser

– Different question types (not enough? Please request what you need)

– Different exam modes and settings (i.e.: training mode, limited time, reorder question randomly, reorder choices randomly, set marks per question, different marking methods…etc)

– Support HTML (with any language)

– Ability to customize styles using (HTML & CSS) if needed.

– Ability to create categories and assigns question per category.

– Whitlabel your exams using your own LOGO and footer.

– Auto-evaluate, takers get the results immediately after exam completions.

– Results breakdown per categories.

– Correct answer & Explanations for each question (to be prepared by exams creators).

– Rewards points (for both creators and takers)

– Free support.


Modern Online Interface

Create or read exams file on the fly using your favorite browser.

Different Question Types

Changing question type is not more than a single click.

Auto Evaluation

Once an exam is completed, the results will be shown immediately  with details and diagrams.

Rewards Points

A motivated rewards points system that would benefits both Editors and Readers.

Trusted Rating System

Exams file can be rated/reviewed by readers. That would reflect contents value and improve exams materials.

Control Exams Access

Author can protect reading/editing exams files with passwords. Access privileges can be updated anytime, even after distribute the files.

Unlimited Styles

Contents are displayed with HTML and CSS. We provide some styling samples, but you can create your own styling templates.  

Exams Followers

Follow an exam is now easy. Readers gets notified once a new update is made by the author.   

Rich Features and more on the way

Pause and restore exams, save results history, retake exams, filter results (correct, incorrect, not answered), show/hide answers status, show/hide correct answer, navigate questions, exams mode, time limit options, reorder questions, reorder options…etc. Do you need any other feature, please share your feedback.

Become an Author

You can start editing your own files immediately. Everything is free! Just give it a try!

– Create, encrypted, exam files and distribute (uploaded anywhere) as normal txt files.

– Track your exams (get updated statistics such as views, taken, results…etc)

– Control access to your exam files, even after distribution (change password or block access forever)

– Update your exam by create new version and set the previous as outdated.

– Exams takers can follow your files, so they will be notified once you have an updated.

– Your files can be rewarded, reviewed and rated by exam takers.

Cert Exam Preparation

Our exam simulator is test engine designed with certification exam preparation in mind. It allows author to create, edit, exams and distribute among exams takers whom would take practice tests in an environment very similar to an actual exam.


Build Trusted Contents

Exams takers main concern are exams contents. By having rewarding and rating systems, there is no place for fake or outdated exams. On the other hands, Authors will not tolerate when it comes to their reputation. Having a third, independent, party that connect exams authors with readers would positivaly improve overall performance.

Achieve your goals

Exams are a stressful experience, we hope with our tool you will be able to pass your exams and achive your goals. 

– Take practice tests in an environment very similar to an actual exam.

– You can pause/resume/retake/review your exams progress and save it locally.

– No pre-request to use the tool, it is only your favorite browser.

– Follow an exam, so you will be notified if it is updated.

– If you are using an outdated exam you will be notified with new version immediately.

– Rate/review exams 

Contact Us!

Please send us your query (question, feedback, feature request, bug report, abuse…etc) at Email:

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