OES Editor: Access to Editor

– Visit the OES Editor application website:  https://app.onlineexamsim.com/html5, you will be directed to the latest updated version of the editor. https://app.onlineexamsim.com/html5/vXX. Where XX is the latest revision number.

– For the first visit, it might take time. Next loading will be much faster. Once loading is completed, you will be on the loading page. As seen below:

#1# Go to OES Editor Page

#2# Click to browse and load OES exam file

#3# Show login/register forms

#4# Select the language. If you want to add your language and you are willing to translate voluntarily, please contact us.

#5# Ads area, screen orientation should be landscape, recommended to use wide screen desktop/laptop to prevent ads from blocking the contents. If you are using mobile phone, please consider using our android app or use the Desktop Site setting with Landscape orientation.

– Before going to editor, it is recommended to sign-in (or register) so you will be able to sign/track your exam file. See Section Login and Register.

-To access OES Editor and start new project, click editor icon (), you will be redirected to OES Editor Main Page.

– To open an exam file for editing:

      1. Be sure the exam file protection method allows exam editing. See Exam File Protection Types.

      2. Select Editing Mode button (). 

      3. Load the file. Click () and browse to the exam file.


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