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,Group & Section Contents:

Once an item (Group, Section, or a question) is selected, its contents will be show in this area. The contents for each item as follows:

Group Contents

     – Each Group has three main contents: Settings, Image, and Text.

Group Settings: Show all available configurations for this group. See below:

1) Group Title: set the group title in this field

2) Auto passing: (Default is on); after each exam the passing score will be 60% of the total grade. Otherwise, you can specify the passing score manually by disabling this feature. Once disabled you will be asked to select the passing score either: in percent, or specific value as seen below:

Toggle ON/OFF: if ON, indicates the entered value is in percent.

3) Show answer status: (Default is on), during exam the answer status will be shown on the navigation list: either as correct icon or false icon, as seen below. To prevent showing them, disable this feature.

4) Show Score in 100%: by default, the results will be shown by calculated points. If you prefer to show the score in percent. Enable this feature.

5) Training Mode: in this mode, when the user answers a question, a green icon will be shown to allow user to see the correct answer (with explanation). If disabled, the user will see the answer details after completing the exam.

Note: If disabled, usually you will need to disable Show answer status option as well.

6) Time limit: set the exam duration in this option. The default, there is no limit.

7) Show Navigation list:  In exam Reader, a list will be shown on the right side. It can be disabled from this option.

8) Show button to show or hide the Navigation list. This option should be used related to previous option.

9) Show filtering list to show: incorrect answers, marked question, or all. Also, it will allow to navigate between questions by clicking the question item. (If want to prevent the user from passing the questions without answering, disable this feature and disable “Allow Unanswered Questions” from Section setting as mentioned below. 


Group Image: To upload an image for this group, that will be shown in different places during reading the exam (Reader Index page, Reader Results page)

Group Text: Add group description/information that readers will see before staring the exam. This text will be shown at Reader Index page.

Note: HTML code is accepted, but java script is not allowed.

Section Contents

– Each Section has three main contents: Settings, Image, and Text.

Section Settings: Show all available configurations for this Section. As seen below:

1) Section Title: set the section title in this field

2) CSS Style: Select the style to display the question. Here more info about styles and how to modify them.

3) Bullets Style: Select the numbering style, that will be shown for each answer option. More info.

4) To allow questions random reordering. (disabled by default).

5) To allow options random reordering. (disabled by default). Note, don’t use this feature if you are (internaly) reference an option within another option. For example:

Question 1: Find the result of 2+2=

A) 5

B) 1

C) A-B

In above example, option (C) references option A and B, if options are reordered, the system will not recognize the internal references which might lead to inaccurate results.

6) To allow user/reader to pass a question without an answer. (enabled by default). Usually, you need the user not to navigate questions by clicking as well, to do so be sure to disable “Show questions filtering…” in Group settings as mentioned above.

7) Show/hide option bullets (apply for single/multiple choice questions)

8) Show section text during exam. By default, if the exam contains multiple sections, the questions will be shown without showing the sections text.


Section Image: To upload an image for this section. Currently section image is not showing anywhere, you might use it for your own reference only.


Section Text: Add section description/information that readers will see during the exam (if Show Section Page option has been enabled).

Note: HTML code is accepted, but java script is not allowed.


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