OES Reader: Question Page

OES Reader: Question Page

Once started an exam, the question page will display the questions one by one with some options as described below.

Displaying questions is in two different statuses: Examination, and Read-only. Examination status: when exam taker starts or resumes a paused exam. Questions are unanswered and the user needs to go through questions and answers them accordingly. In read-only status: the user is reviewing only and no answers is allowed.

#1# Question area: The question will be displayed here, as well as, correct answers and explanations. In Examination mode, correct answers can be displayed after answering the question when the user clicks the help button . Show or hide help button can be controlled from Group Settings (by disabling Training mode option).

#2# This is the question Navigation list. Users can navigate through questions by clicking the question item. Also, answers status (correct, wrong, not answered, and marked) will be shown at each question item. Displaying Navigation list (with or without answers status) is controlled from Group Settings.

#3# Tools buttons, function for each button as follows:

, go to Index page of current exam file.

, pause current exam

, show/hide Navigation list

, mark/unmark current question

, show correct answers and explanation for the current question.

, go through questions: Next and Previous

, will be shown after answering final question to finish the exam and go to results page.

#4# Timer panel: shows the elapsed time. In read-only status there will be no timer.

#5# Navigate to other pages :

  1. Show Login/Register Form
  2. Show Exam File Info Panel
  3. Go to Loading Page
  4. Go to History page

#6# Progress panel: shows current question/section/group number.

#7# Ads area, screen orientation should be landscape, recommended to use wide screen desktop/laptop to prevent ads from blocking the contents. If you are using mobile phone, please consider using our android app or use the Desktop Site setting with Landscape orientation.


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