OES Reader: Results Page

OES Reader: Results page

After completing (or pausing) an exam, the user will be directed to results page which provides exams information and results including: exam score, passing score, timing, status, and rewards points.

#1# Taken exam group (image and title)

#2# Taker score and passing score.

#3# Exam timings (Start, End, duration and Status: Pass, Fail, Incomplete)

#4# Reward Points info:

Rewards points are calculated for signed exam files only (unsigned exams are not rewarded). The total reward is the sum of four parameters as follows:

M= Duration (in Minutes), minimum duration should be greater than 1 minute.

 Effort_Rewards = M * 10 (maximum duration is Total questions * 3)

 Correct_Rewards = (Correct score/ Total score) * Effort Rewards

 Passing_Rewards= Correct Rewards / 2 (zero if fail)

 Review_Rewards= Correct Rewards / 2 (zero if not reviews)

 Total Rewards= Effort_Rewards + Correct_Rewards + Passing_Rewards + Review_Rewards


#5# Navigate to other pages:

 Go to Results Breakdown Page

Go to History page

#6# Navigate to other pages: 

  1. Show Login/Register Form
  2. Show Exam File Info Panel
  3. Go to Loading Page
  4. Go to History page

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