OES User Dashboard: Signed Exams

Signed Files Panel

It lists all exams files that have been signed by the (logged-in) author. Each file will be shown with statistics (views, followers, rewards point, rating…etc). Also, using this panel, it is possible to change some file settings such as: protection, update info and control access.


#1# Go to other pages:

, Go to OES Editor

, Go to Loading Page

, Go to History Page


#2# Navigate to other panels in User dashboard:

, Statistics panel

, User Info Panel

, List of all Singed files for the logged-in user

, General settings

, Logout

 #3# Select which files list to show:

, List of all Singed files for the logged-in user

, List all files you’ve subscribed/followed, so you will be notified once it is updated. If updated is available, the record will be highlighted in green and download link will be provided by the author to get the new version.

 #4# Show user signed file list OR user subscriptions based on selection above.

Signed file list: includes statistics per each file. Each file will be presented with File ID which can be used to modify file settings as described below.

#5# Based on selection above, this area is used to manage your exam file OR to unsubscribe:

A) Unsubscribe/ Unfollow Exam:

1.  List all files you’ve subscribed/followed, click 

2. Insert the File ID (that you want to unsubscribe) then click 

B) Manage your exam file

Retrieve exam file info: To modify any file setting, insert file ID and click Go (). You must retrieve the Exam file info before proceed with any actions. Once the info is retrieved, there will be more options to manage:

1. File version:


2.File protection (see Exam File Protection Types): it can be updated, change the new protection method then click save button.

Deny Access: Check this option if you want (for whatever reason) to deny access to the selected exam file.

3. Update/Outdate an Exam: 

Exams can be marked as outdated (usually when a newer version becomes available) from this settings, here are the steps to mark an exam as an outdated:

    • Add a valid download link for the newer version:
      • Get newer version File ID
      • Retrieve file info, add File ID and click Go
      • Newer version should be higher than the old one, if not, advance the version number.
      • Update download link, and save
    • Mark older version as outdated:
      • Get older version File ID
      • Retrieve file info, add File ID and click Go
      • From this section: Check “Mark as outdated”
      • Add the newer version ID in the field “Updated File ID”, and click save
      • Check “Force using the updated file” if you want to do so, otherwise, both exams files will be accessible.

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