OES User Dashboard: Statistics Panel

Statistics Panel

Statistics panel shows the collected points for the logged-in user. Statistics points are provided as a Reader (points collected by taking and completing exams), or as an Author (points collected by author exams files).

#1# Navigate to other panels in User dashboard:

, Statistics panel

, User Info Panel

, List of all Singed files for the logged-in user

, General settings

, log out


#2# Go to other pages:

, Go to OES Editor

, Go to Loading Page

, Go to History Page


#3# Show User Reader Statistics:

, total completed exams by the logged-in user

, total followed exams by the logged-in user

, total rewards points from all exams taken by the logged-in user

#4# Show User Author Statistics:

, total signed exams created

, total completed exams (by others) from all created exams

, total opened exams (by others) from all created exam files

, total followers to all created exams

, the average rating for all created exams

, total rewards points (collected by others) for all created exam files


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